5 eCommerce Trends to Watch Out for This 2020

1. Chatbots and AI assistants

Expect to see a lot of robots in ecommerce platforms by 2020. Chatbots and artificial intelligence
tools are set to dominate the digital landscape, making the experience of every customer more
convenient. These robots can handle the tasks usually assigned to people. By jumping on the AI
trend, you can deliver more personalized experiences to your audiences and customers.

2. New payment options

If a customer can’t find his preferred online payment method, he wouldn’t purchase anything.
You need to offer a vast range of choices, from Apple Pay and Samsung Pay to PayPal and
Google Pay. Digital payments are rapidly overtaking cards and cash payments! In fact, some
online retailers are already accepting bitcoin payments.

3. Social media shopping

When creating an online business, it’s best to go with the best ecommerce website builder in
Malaysia. However, don’t forget to make the most of your social media presence. Social media is
no longer just for likes and shares. People can now purchase products directly from it. If you
want to use social media to improve your online sales, you need to be more creative in posting
your offerings.

4. Interactive product visualization

When online shopping, several people hesitate to finalize their purchases since they are not really
sure if that item is exactly what they require. Online reviews, quality images and engaging
product descriptions are no longer enough. They want to check out the product, hold it and take
away all their doubts. Soon, online retailers can utilize augmented reality and virtual reality to
market their products in the most unique, engaging way possible.

5. Headless ecommerce

Are you familiar with headless ecommerce? This is a circumstance where the back-end and
front-end ecommerce systems are decoupled from one another. This only means that digital
sellers can already make changes on their platforms even without undertaking a complete update.

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