10 Benchmarks of SEO

10 Benchmarks of SEO

10 SEO Benchmarks That Actually Matter

SEO strategy’s goal is to generate more organic website traffic towards the seo advertising. In order to gain more traffic and online presence, you need to use targeted keywords. However, you need to set benchmarks. Basically, benchmarks are starting points. Know the current standing of your website, from statistical to analytical matters.

1. Landing Pages Generating Organic Traffic

Which of your webpages generate the most organic traffic? In order to know and understand this, you need to use Google Analytics. Measure how many webpages are getting organic web traffic every month. Your goal is to increase this overtime. You can do this by improving the layout, and incorporating more valuable content.

2. The Quantity of Keywords

You need to have keywords in the top 20. This can demonstrate how big your online visibility is. You can produce SEO content, and concentrate on establishing authority so you can boost your ranking.

3. Page Views

Benchmarking page views is crucial, since it indicates how interesting your web pages are. Are you getting multiple page views every visitor? If yes, then this means that they are interested in reading more of your posts, and knowing more about your services and products.

4. Bounce Rate

A website which has high bounce rate surely delivers awful user experience. This is why it is important to benchmark it. Bounce rates vary depending on the field or type of pages.

5. Average Time Spent on the Website

10 Benchmarks of SEOThe longer the visitors stay on your website, the bigger the chance of converting them. If they are not staying on your webpages, then there is a problem with user experience.

Is your content poorly structured, subpar or too confusing? You should benchmark this aspect so you can improve it.


6. Organic Traffic

The most significant benchmark you should establish at the initial stage of your SEO campaign? The amount of organic traffic your website is currently generating. Remember that growing organic traffic is a very slow process. This needs to be monitored regularly.

7. Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is an essential metric because it is connected to organic growth. This can be improved by implementing forum marketing, blogger outreach, brand mentions, social media marketing and blog commenting. This can also take place naturally by developing quality blog posts, and acquiring links naturally.

8. Quantity of Linking Root Domains

Every SEO campaign must start by benchmarking quality link root domains leading to your website. Prioritize this over backlinks, since you will have the chance to gain multiple backlinks from the exact same website. To improve website authority, you must acquire backlinks from unique web domains with different IP addresses.

9. Click Through Rate

Google analyzes the click-through rates of the engine results, and shuffles them depending on which webpages are getting the most click-through rates. Greater SERP CTRs usually equate to greater value.

10. Social Presence

10 Benchmarks of SEOSocial media is an amazing way to establish relationships and authority. Whether you are maintaining a personal blog or e-commerce website, you should make the most out of your social media profiles.

Don’t forget to benchmark social media presence depending on followers per engagement and property.

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