4 Examples of Using Twitter for Effective Event Promotion

Twitter is often overlooked because of the new features of planning and event other social media giants like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. It is more limited compared to other social media – with just 280 characters to use. But people also overlook one of the strong points of Twitter which still makes it part of the big 3 – Live Event Buzz.

Why consider Twitter for Event Promotion?

1) Twitter has around 261 million users around the world and supports 40
different languages.

2) Twitter is easily accessible because it is geared towards mobile use,
ideal for event planners as it allows attendees to Tweet about your
event while they are there.

3) The retweet feature of Twitter reaches a massive amount of audience
because of its built-in regramming capability.

Twitter and Event Promotions

Twitter, when it started in 2006, had only a small amount of users. But with the help of a certain event in 2007 – Interactive music and film conference South by Southwest – Twitter increased in usage with three times their average tweets per day. Twitter integrated with the event by placing 60-inch screens that streamed live Tweets along the conference hallways. Others wanted to participate as it gives them high visibility. Twitter’s allure has changed from a microblog to an information sharing network, which is what you are after for your event.

Below are fine examples of how Twitter was leveraged for event promotion

HubSpot’s #INBOUND18

User generated content is what creates online buzz for events. Just like INBOUND, they utilized a hashtag to consolidate all conversations under one hyperlink. The more attendees use the hashtag on their posts and tweets,  the more powerful the promotion becomes and the bigger the chance for the event to trend on Twitter. That’s why it is critical to establish your hashtag first before launching your event to ensure that your attendees are using the right hashtag. This can ensure maximum impact.INBOUND – an annual event for salespeople, customer success professionals and marketers – strategically places their hashtags in places with more retention like under the buttons for their social media in their website, in their bio in Twitter and more.

SaleForce’s #RoadToDF18

Dreamforce hyped attendees and their target audience by creating their event hashtag #RoadToDF18 and #DF18, which promotes a sequence of videos that helped build the excitement. Dreamforce’s hashtag videos broadcasted interviews that looked at their various professions and angles. They also built up suspense by adding a countdown towards the event date.

Giant Spoon and HBO’s #SXSWestworld

Your aim is to create something so wonderful that would compel attendees to post about it on their social media – give them something amazing to talk about. This is exactly what HBO and Giant Spoon did when they re-created the hit TV phenomenon Westworld on South by Southwest 2018’s attendees. Attendees get to experience Westworld right in that event as all the detail and thought put into it was extraordinary – from the props, the set and the 60 plus actors that they can interact with. SXSWestworld stood out and was a success because of the meticulous attention to detail along with the strategic placements of hashtags  on the conference.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s #CIBCRunfortheCure

CIBC took advantage of placing photos in their Tweets which had a bigger impact than just plain text. They posted photos of the participants in their event to raise funds which garnered positive responses from people. They then added text overlays of the participating teams to create visual continuity using their branding and colors.

Use Twitter as one of your main promotion platforms for your event.
Remember to:

1) Strategically place hashtags in the right places where participants can
easily find them.

2) Create anticipation by having a strategy for pre-event promotion

3) Get your attendees to promote for you by creating buzz and
developing your event

4) Utilize visuals in your Tweets

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