4 Simple Tips for Beginner Level Web Designers

A professional website is usually done by a professional web designer or an agency. I mean, there are just a lot of things to do that one person just couldn’t manage to handle in a very short amount of time.

However, this is not to say that it is impossible to create a website on your own, even if there are a lot of design elements added in.

So, in this article, I will talk about some simple tips that even beginner level web designers can follow.

1. Simplicity is Key

Back in the early days of the internet, most websites would cram a lot of information on their web pages. Yes, it was convenient because their homepage was an all-in-one hub of information. But, as it turns out, not a lot of people want a design structure like that because it is so convoluted and it isn’t actually a nice thing to see.

Therefore, you have to bear in mind that simplicity is key. If you could strip away certain elements to make it simple yet functional, then do so.

I want you to follow the “Rule of Three”, in that you only use three colors, three fonts, and probably three graphical elements (images, videos, and animations).

This is so that everything loads up quickly while giving your website a cleaner and more professional look.

2. Never Ever Compromise Your Content

The design of a website is one thing, but the content actually constitutes 50% of the total user experience.

Content such as videos and articles should be front and center and it should be easily accessible. For instance, you could put your main topics on the home page and add some more links either on the top bar or the footer section.

When writing your articles, make your paragraphs short so that it will be easy to read. Follow appropriate writing guidelines like putting an indentation before beginning your first sentence, putting the right punctuation marks, and the clever use of bold, italic, and underlines.

3. Graphics and Fonts Are Necessary

Although your articles and other content are part of the majority of the website design, it is also important to accentuate it by using different graphical elements.

You can use videos, high-quality images, and animations. But, keep in mind to use them sparingly and only put them in strategic parts of your site like the homepage, the landing page, and even some parts of your content.

As for fonts, what you want to use is something that is easy for people to read. You could make fonts a part of your design, but for your main content, it has to be something that is comprehensible, like one of the Sans Serif fonts.

4. Don’t Forget to Stand Out

Above everything else, your mission as a web designer is to make your website stand out. Put your own branding in, unleash your creative side, and do things uniquely to help you stay a cut above the rest.


Website design can be complicated, but there are some aspects of it that can be done even by a beginner level web designer. Following a simple design, making sure to use the right fonts, and careful use of media are just some things that you can do to make your website look professional.

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