6 Sex Tips for Men Who Actually Want to Please a Woman

Women love sex just as much as men do (some even love it even more!). But, the problem is that some men just cannot make their partners orgasm- leaving them in utter disbelief.

I’ve heard from my friends that they’ve ditched their partners because either they cannot make them happy through sexual intercourse because of inability to last longer in bed or that they’re just plain rude when it comes to playtime.

If you suspect that your partner is not enjoying the sex, what can you do? Well today, I am going to talk about some sex tips for men who actually want to please their partners. Let’s begin!

1.Thoroughly Educate Yourself

People are lead to believe that sex is all about sexual intercourse. No, there are a lot of things that are involved in sex! Great lovers are made. People are not born great lovers (although there are some that have a natural proclivity to become one, they’re a minority).

The best thing that you can do is take note of what works and then change the things that didn’t. In other words, it is a concept of trial and error.

Furthermore, you may want to read up on female accounts about sex and what they’re really looking for. Perhaps asking your female friends about some tips can help.

2.Don’t Expect Them to Be the Same as Youf

Men typically get turned out by appearance. For instance, if you see a nice ass or some nice cleavage, you instantly get turned on and are ready to plant your seed. However, women do not operate in the same way as men do.

Being a good partner means that you respect the many differences between men and women.

3.Be Invested in What Pleasures Herf

We all have preferences and the only way for us to know our partner’s likes and dislikes is to ask them. Maybe they prefer one sex position over the other or perhaps they want to be touched first before you put it in. Know what pleasures her and then go from there.

4.Don’t Force Them to Orgasmf

Now, we all want to have some pleasure when it comes to sex, and you and your partner want to achieve orgasm. However, even if you reach that point and your partner doesn’t, never force them to go there.

Not only does it hurt your partner but it will also cause tension that will most likely lead to a fight between you and your partner.
If you really want your partner to reach orgasm, make sure that you make her feel good. Do not say or force her to do anything.

5.Be Sensitive Enough About Body Issuesf

Women, in particular, are very conscious of their bodies. Do not tell them negative things such as they have a big belly or fat thighs or anything like that because it can always be demotivating for them. If anything, encourage them to be the best versions of themselves.

6.Respect Your Partnerf

Above anything, sex can only be so good if you ultimately respect your partner. Don’t shame them, don’t make them feel guilty, and don’t objectify their bodies. Instead, be a promoter of goodness and tell her things that will empower her.

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