Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners


ShareASale is a popular affiliate marketing network, allowing people to access plenty of affiliate programs. It represents more than 4,000 merchants, and around 1,000 of those programs can only be accessed through ShareASale. If you are a newbie looking for affiliate marketing opportunities in Malaysia, consider joining this platform. Surely, something is in store for you.


Amazon is another well-known affiliate network, but one of the things you should know about this is that it doesn’t pay a big amount of money. It also doesn’t keep cookies for a long time. The primary advantage of being in Amazon is that it offers plenty of products. Whatever niche you want to focus on, you will always find something to link on.

3.Ultimate Bundles

Many marketing professionals love partnering up with Ultimate Bundles. They provide a generous commission. Their affiliates get around 40%, while contributors can generate around 70%. Ultimate Bundles even has a second-tier program, where individuals can promote in bundles, and get a commission based on the sales they make.

Monetize Your Blog

At this day and age, blogging is no longer just a hobby. You can monetize it, and earn lots of money from it. It just takes some time, and plenty of hard work, knowledge and determination. One of the best ways to monetize a website is through affiliate marketing. Include a resources page on your blog, or put a custom ad at the sidebar highlighting your favorite blogging tools. See to it that all the affiliate links are there, so you can gain credit once people clicks on them.

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