Coding iOS Mobile Apps

Coding IOS is nothing like Android, it is more meticulous and strict. This what most developers from iOS development company i have encountered told me. One iOS developer in particular has 8 years of experience developing countless iOS app. And he has 5 tips or hacks to share with us.

Stay Native

There’s nothing go wrong when you stay native. The logic is every cross-platform technology will surely add another level complexity and headache, not to mention potential bugs. The actual time savings also vary. He also said that many larger projects regretted going from native to cross-platform, while the opposite never said a single complaint.

Stay Away From External Libraries

Try to avoid external libraries, it’ll only complicate matters. Plus, most of things can be solved just as smooth and well by using the native framework. He said the best example is networking, you do not need some fancy schamancy library to do that. Just build a wrapper basing on IOS networking and the needs of your project.

No Package Manager

No external libraries equals to no package manager! Why? Because a package manager is for managing all those external libraries. A dedicated tool for this won’t save you any time.

Make Layout In Code Instead Of Storyboards

He told me that storyboards may help in the beginning but then as you go further and further into it, you’ll reach a point where you’d needing more dynamic layout, well storyboards won’t just cut it, heck, it might even complicate things for you. So why not start coding from the start, in the layout itself. He said he have seen a lot of storyboards that are pretty much empty view controllers without content. Like mentioned earlier, complex for something that can be write easily. He suggested to put all the layout logic in the code, without storyboards or autolayout. It is very simple and flexible to boot!

Use Core Data

Core Data is rarely touched by people new to IOS, it is because it’s complex, requires a lot of boilerplates to get started and it doesn’t look very appealing at first. He told me that he tried it few times but then he failed, that was until he stumbles on this great article. After he read it, he decided to give it a try one more time. Gradually, he learned his way around it and everything came into place. He told me that Core Data is the way to work on data for IOS. It is very powerful and able to help you fix some really difficult problems like persistence and data change propagation much needed in every app.

He told me if you are into iOS development, then just follows this five hacks. It should help you survive and keep things simple for you throughout the years of your career in iOS development.

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