Responsive Web Design Facts

Why should you implement responsive website designs?

With several gadgets being launched and used today, it convinces all business owners as well as web design agencies to prioritize a responsive web design. This is crucial component that can lead to high profits. Having a mobile-responsive web design ensures a good user experience, without compromising content quality.

Mobile Devices are Used More Often for Searches

Since May 2015, it was revealed by Google that more and more searches are being conducted on mobile devices, compared to desktop computers. This fact should convince online business owners to come up with responsive web designs that can easily adapt to various devices. We all live busy lives, and often access data anytime we want, wherever we are. We are always on the go, and often relies on Wi-Fi connection. Trust me, this is a growing trend that can stretch out for many years.

In various cases, smartphones and other devices are equipped with unlimited data plans. This is a go-to option for most people who travel a lot, since home internet packages are often more expensive.

Search Engines Love Responsive Websites

As per Google’s announcement in 2015, mobile friendliness is a top-ranking factor. Studies have proven that this factor substantially impacts search engine ranking, as an outcome of an algorithm change. It’s obvious that mobile-friendly sites rank much higher in search engines. Furthermore, supporting evidences that prove that websites which are not mobile friendly are ranking much, much lower, or not at all, on search results at a progressing frequency.

To demonstrate this point, a recent research done on 1,000 crucial eCommerce keywords from different industries showed that 83% of all number 1 ranked search results were all mobile friendly. If you are a business owner, then you must know by now how important it is to jump into these trends.

Responsive Web Design Equals Quality User Experiences

The easier and more convenient it is to use and browse a website, the more likely a potential customer or reader will be able to visit it. Any website that is hard to find, and requires tons of manual enlargement and scrolling are far less likely to receive repeat visits. The key to regular website visits are ease and convenience.

If it’s easy and convenient for users to view, access and utilize your website, no matter what gadget, you will surely have more repeat customers and visitors. These efficient website functions are in themselves advantageous tools in driving more sales in your business.

Your website should be well designed and optimized for amazing user experience among various devices. When there is a seamless experience in the part of the user, then all of your marketing and SEO efforts would pay off in time.

What is the significance of establishing an efficient user experience for any device?

Well, it can not only increase your search engine ranking, it can also improve the number of users who wants to visit your websites. Coming from a functional viewpoint alone, convenience and ease will always trump difficulty and complications for users.

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