Tips in Using Social Media to Have a Better SEO Ranking

Your rankings on social media do not have an effect on your direct ranking on search engines. In fact, this is the reason why there is an ongoing debate whether social media marketing has an effect on your campaigns in search engine optimization or not.

Regardless of that, we cannot deny the fact that a good social media campaign can tremendously help in increasing your overall organic traffic. And that somewhat has an effect on your brand’s search visibility on search engines. If you want to know how your social media campaign can help in improving SEO, read these three very basic but important tips:

1.Work on your brand’s identity.

When your brand has a good reputation on social media, it’s easier to convert your followers to customers. For you to have that good reputation, you need to work on many aspects of your business. Start by working on the aesthetic appeal of your product or even your service if it applies. Make sure that it is of high quality first. Then engage with your audience. Make a commitment to do it consistently. After that, keep on publishing content relevant to your products and services. Another thing you have to work on if you want to improve the reach of your posts is to engage with your followers consistently.

2.Include your profiles and all the things your followers need to know.

Aside from searching for brands and companies, people also look for information about the individuals they are related to. When you are related to a certain company or working for a particular brand, make sure that you also set up your social media profile accordingly. Aside from having updated images and videos, people will also be looking at contact information especially when they have a concern. Also use your social profile to create an engagement with your followers. Use the comment section to answer queries.

3.Think of social media as the new search engine.

These days, people don’t only use Google or other search engines when looking for things. Instead, they hop on to social media to see results from fellow consumers. For example, on LinkedIn, people use the search tool to find people with experiences for a particular position. When you use LinkedIn to get more career opportunities, make sure that you have already optimized it. This way, your name will have a better chance at appearing when someone searches for people with your expertise.

Before you go, be reminded that your social media standing does not have an effect on your overall ranking on search engines. So don’t put all your marketing efforts in social media. It is still important to build links to your website and market your business through blogging. Maximize social media by using this platform to build links and brainstorm ideas for your content writing strategies. You have to work on improving your social media profiles while making your SEO techniques better.

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