Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Trends

Artificial Intelligence

AI tools are set to dominate the affiliate marketing industry. It can change every facet of our lives. In order to promote the best spaffiliate products in Malaysia, utilize a range of reliable AI tools developed especially for affiliate advertisers. The primary trend here is running programmatic rules and automating basic functions that affiliate marketers set.


Chatbots are getting more and more common as the years progress. Through this piece of technology, your job as an affiliate marketer can be done more smoothly and effectively. Chatbots provide a good way to interact with users through landing pages, helping them to address all of their concerns.

Voice Search

Lots of people right now are highly interested in using Speech recognition improvements and voice assistance on many devices are rapidly creating its marks in every industry, including that of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

Influencer marketing can be the key to your affiliate marketing success. Instagram and YouTube personalities are continuously looking for more opportunities to monetize their online presence. The idea here is simple. Influencers team up with affiliate marketers to promote services and products via collaboration.  


If you are not optimizing your affiliate marketing website for mobile use, then you are missing out on many opportunities. This trend is even stronger in developing marketers where one mobile device is the only browsing tool of a user. See to it that all of your landing pages are mobile friendly. 

Video Content

Video is, no doubt, a rising trend since the internet started, thank you to the increasing user bandwidth provision and internet speed. In fact, by 2020, it has been reported that video content consumption will increase by 9 minutes each user.

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