Your Free Guide to Make Money by Blogging

I think everyone knows by now that blogging can be a great platform for making money online, but how does one exactly monetize their own platform? To add to that, is it really a good idea to start now, considering that there are already more established blogs out there?

To tell you the truth, everybody can start earning money online just by blogging but to achieve profits by the millions, you will have to do everything that is necessary to achieve that status.

This article will serve as your free guide to make money by blogging.

Find a Profitable Niche

So, one of the reasons why you wanted to start a blog is so that you can start talking about a particular type of tomato. You might go into great length about highlighting the details of the said tomato as you are that passionate about it, but the reality is that you, and only you, love it and not others.

You see, if you want to earn money by blogging, you want to make sure that you create a blog based on a profitable niche. Niches like health and fitness, romance, and others are great because you can expect a lot of people to find information about the said industries.
Of course, you can veer away from the niches I’ve mentioned but you have to do your due diligence to research on the most profitable niches you can find.

Improve the Quality of Your Content

You should know by now that blogging is a means for you to publish some written content, right? Therefore, it is vital that you write content that your audience would love but that is easier said than done.

What most bloggers would do is jot down some thoughts and ideas and go from there. If that doesn’t work, go to social media and go to a particular community in your niche to find some areas for inspiration.

High-quality content means that you have to write something that is full of information or piece of advice that your audience would love. There is a reason why buying guides are so popular these days and that is because they are filled with information that could help
influence your audiences’ purchase decision.

Consider Paying for Ads

There is a saying that if you want to earn a lot of money, you have to be willing to spend some. That is true for any type of business, including blogging as a means of earning money.

Now, how can you use money to improve your blog as a money-making machine? Well, invest in ads, specifically Google or Facebook ads.
You see, both platforms are behemoths in their respective industries. Facebook is the biggest social media network today and Google is a large company that is well-known for its amazing search engine.

Spending money on Google ads will allow you to feature your blog on the top of the search engine results pages more readily than not spending on ads at all.

Facebook has its own manager campaign and you can tweak certain parameters according to your liking. This includes which audience you want to target, how frequently you want the ads to be broadcasted, and a whole lot more.

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